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Acutrack offers Media-On-Demand (MOD) services to deliver your content on DVD, Blu-ray and USB thumb drives.

A tried and tested means of delivering your digital content is by loading it on to a USB flash drive or DVD. It gives tangible value to the digital content, helps to grow your brand and gives your product a high perceived value. We currently serve a number of software and biotech companies and have met their high quality standards in delivering software on USB flash drives- secured and error-free every time.

Why MOD?

  • Our MOD model helps to eliminate the typical upfront costs related to mass production. No inventory, no forecast, no pre-ordering and no upfront manufacturing cost.

  • Adopting this model ensures that your titles are never out of stock as you do not need to maintain any inventory. An ideal solution for items on your media catalogue where it is difficult to forecast sales.

  • Products can be changed or discontinued; new ones can be created and all this, with a possibility to customize each individual package with any variable code (customer name, picture, or activation code).

How MOD Works

Content can be stored in our server or downloaded from the cloud
Acutrack ships and updates shipping/tracking data back to your site

Why Choose Acutrack MOD

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Seamless integration

A distinct advantage we bring to the table is that we produce and fulfil directly to the end-user via a seamlessly integrated and automated process.


Zero failure in the field

We use the highest quality USB in terms of both flash components and material to assemble them. Once the data is pre-loaded, we run an additional verification step to ensure every bit of content/data is error free

Brand and image

We understand the importance of branding. Each USB can be customized with your logo or artwork on both sides. Check out one of our patented USB case custom packaging. We have a variety of packaging choices for DVD and USB. For DVD, we offer standard Amaray style DVD case to custom printed Digipack


Customized solution

Choose between media on demand (MOD) or Disc Replication Services. Acutrack also offers full disc replication services for large production run.DVD replication of DVD-5, DVD-9., Blu-ray replication of BD-25 & BD-50


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